Siding Financing

Instead of dipping into your savings for $6,000 dollars to pay for your new siding, finance it for around $122 per month. Keep your savings intact and enjoy a low interest rate home improvement loan in Kansas City.

As the cost of siding material rises so does the overall cost of replacing your siding. In response to customer requests, Safe Harbor Roofing, LLC has partnered with a large local bank to offer financing for its roofing and siding customers.


How our Siding Financing works

Since this program is not a credit card based loan like the Wells Fargo’s Home Projects Visa it offers a lower interest rate. Our unique roof and siding loan program starts with an interest rate at 7.49% APR and is NOT a second mortgage on your home. It is a simple interest promissory note with No Penalty for early payoff or prepayments.

The application process is simple and secure. Once all of the information is verified your approval is ready in a couple of hours. As soon as your approval comes in your project can get started. It’s that simple.

Get an estimate, Apply for Siding Financing, Enjoy your new Siding!

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