If you are wondering if you should file an insurance claim for hail damage read more…

InsuranceSpring is here and bad weather in Johnson County will bring questions to many customers minds about if they have enough wind or hail damage to file an insurance claim for storm damage. There are a few things you can do to determine if you should make that call to your agent. One of our owners is a former Allstate Insurance Adjuster so we know insurance.

Have a reputable roofing or exterior company come out and assess your damage. Make sure the inspector is trained in damage assessment to recognize storm damage. Too many contractors send out untrained inspectors that can’t tell the difference between a blister and a hail hit. They may really think you have hail damage but then your insurance adjuster shows up and denies your claim. This happens regularly and the customer is the one who is hurt. You may lose your no claim discount or even see your rates rise just for filing your claim.

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Check your house’ exterior for collateral damage. Even if heights aren’t for you, there are still plenty of things you can check from the ground. Look at the downspouts on your gutters. If they have small or large round indentations you probably have hail damage. Your adjuster will look at these dents and determine if they are ‘mechanical’ or storm related. Mechanical damage is a generic term used to describe things like scrapes from a ladder, rocks thrown from a mower, a bicycle scrape, etc…  The trained inspector and adjuster can tell the difference in hail and mechanical damage. Check your window screens and your air conditioner for signs of hail hits. Fences and siding also show clearly when hail has hit. There will be light colored spots on the wood in every place the hail has hit. Hail damaged vinyl siding will usually have holes knocked in it.

Look for pieces of shingle in your yard after a storm. If you find a shingle or two in your yard after a recent hail storm, don’t throw it away. This is evidence to show your contractor and adjuster that you have wind damage. Wind damage and missing shingles are easy to spot on asphalt shingle roofs but somewhat harder to find on a wood shake roof.

HailGrab a piece of hail from your porch or yard after the storm. This is another piece of evidence to make the case that major hail has hit your house when you pull a piece from your freezer to show an insurance adjuster. Most roofs will weather a hail storm with hail stones less than golf ball size. There are other factors that can increase or decrease the amount of damage hail will do to your home. Some hail is very large but soft (almost like a snowball) and causes very little damage. Some is smaller but very hard and spiked and will cause major damage.

If you need help determining whether or not to file an insurance claim for hail damage in Kansas City we will be happy to help.Our team is trained and have been on thousands of roof assessments and ladder assists with all of the major insurance carriers serving Johnson County including Shawnee, Overland Park, Olathe, Lenexa, Leawood, Mission, Merriam and Prairie Village.

We will always tell you exactly where you stand with your potential claim. In the end, the decision to make a claim is yours. We will always be happy to be there (as any reputable contractor should be) when your adjuster shows up to make sure they are aware of all of the damage to your home. We work for you and you only.

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