Metal Roof Repair is Second Nature

Since we are a professional metal roofing company, metal roof repair is second nature for our factory trained associates. Over time the fasteners may work themselves out of the decking/purlins or the neoprene washers will fail. All are easy to fix unless the roof has been neglected for years. Most metal roofs need to be inspected every 2 years to extend their useful life as much as possible. Older steel roofs may rust with time and need panels replaced. Lightly corroded metal roofs can be primed and coated with one of our coating products to extend the life and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Green metal roof and brick chimney under cloudy sky

Small holes mean big leaks.

Want to fix that metal roof and cool your building at the same time?

Our coating process is cost effective and creates a cooler environment inside of any building. A white reflective coating will reduce your roof temperature and help take the load off of your cooling units. Our silicone coating for metal roofs will seal all seams/screws, cover corrosion, and create a water tight barrier that is not broken down by the sun’s UV rays.


Worker puts the metal tiles on the roof of a wooden house

Restoring a metal roof.

Call us for an expert opinion on your metal roof. We will provide a condition report and opinion on the proper repair to keep it going. We want to be your ‘go to’ company for all of your commercial or agricultural roofing needs. Leave the worrying to us.

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