Standing-Seam-MCAStanding Seam Metal Roof Features

All of our standing seam metal roofing systems carry a 40 year paint warranty and are Certified by the Metal Construction Association (#229SHOR). A standing seam metal roof has hidden fasteners. This means most fasteners used to fasten the panels to the decking are under the metal and not exposed to the elements. Residential standing seam panels are usually between 16-20″ in width and come in any length. Our standard panel thickness for residential metal roof installation is 26 gauge. Although, 29 and 24 gauge panel thicknesses are also available.

Energy-Star-LargeWhy does a standing seam metal roof cost more than other types of metal roofing?

A standing seam roof installation requires more skill than other types of metal roofing. The details needed to hide the fasteners are time consuming and often tedious. There are more parts and pieces to installing this type of roof as well which makes the material cost higher. In addition, there are more panels to install because they are half as wide as exposed fastener metal roof systems.

All colors of metal roof panels are Energy Star Rated and qualify for tax credit.

Technical Information

  • Fire resistance: UL790/Class A
  • Impact Resistance: UL2218/Class 4
  • Uplift Resistance: varies with substrate
  • Load Tables: not available as it must be installed over solid decking
  • Rib height 1″
  • 40 Year Paint Warranty
  • Energy Star Rated (all colors)

Any of these beautiful standing seam metal roof styles can be installed on your Kansas or Missouri home. Call today for a no obligation consultation about the last roof you will ever need. All of our metal roof installation projects receive a 10 year workmanship warranty.