Roof Coatings Kansas City – FAQ

What is the best and least expensive way to restore my commercial flat roof?

If your roof isn’t in a state past repair, then a roof coating is the most economical and permanent fix you can make. Our roof coating process seals all leaks and is warranted against standing water for 50 years.

If your commercial flat roof in Kansas City is beyond repair and must be torn off then we suggest spray foam with a 50 year silicone coating.  The R-value of a spray foam roofing product can’t be beat along with all of it’s other benefits including ease of maintenance.

What is the warranty period for your silicone coating?

The material warranty is 50 years even against ponding water. Our product does not harden and resists chalking during this 50 year warranty period.

Labor warranties are also available.

What are typical warranty periods for other types of metal and commercial flat roofing?

TPO – up to 20 years

EPDM – up to 40 years (except seams)

IB PVC – up to 25 years

Built Up – up to 20 years

Mod Bit – up to 25 years

Metal Roofing – up to 40 years on paint

Spray Foam – up to 50 years when coated with our product

Acrylic Coating – 5 years

Why should I choose your silicone coating instead of a less expensive acrylic coating?

Most acrylic coatings are warranted for 5-10 years and standing water will void the warranty. Acrylic coatings are used to protect roofs not yet in disrepair. They are considered a sacrificial roof coating.  Acrylic coatings do not seal leaky roofs like our silicone roofing product. Our roof coatings in Kansas City are warranted against standing water.

How do you repair a damaged silicone roof coating?

In most cases a repair is as easy as cleaning the damaged area and adding another coat.

Do you have to tear off my existing roof?

No, with proper preparation we can coat over your existing substrate. We may have to remove wet insulation and replace it with new dry material, but these items are usually minimal.

What types of substrates can you restore with silicone roof coating?

With proper preparation we can coat the following:

Mod Bit, PVC, TPO, EPDM, Built up, Foam and Metal can all be restored.

How can your product be warranted for 50 years even against ponding water?

Our 50 year roof coating is a true elastomeric roof coating. It keeps its elasticity throughout the years and moves with your building without breaking. There are no seams to allow water infiltration. It is resistant to UV rays, animal fat, water and solvents. This resistance to animal fats makes it virtually the only product available for coating restaurant roofs.

How are silicone roof coatings applied?

They are either sprayed or rolled on.  Always use a Kansas City roofing contractor certified in roof coatings. The coatings must be applied to the correct mil thickness to be effective.

Are your roof coatings energy efficient?

Yes. Our products are Energy Star rated and qualify for energy tax credits. During summer months our coatings can reduce roof temperatures by up to 50 degrees. This decreases loads on air conditioning units and saves on utilities.

How does your roof coating help the environment?

When coating instead of replacing a flat roof, you save the old roofing material and it doesn’t end up in a landfill. Re-roofing is responsible for millions of tons of landfill debris every year. Cool roof coatings also don’t contribute to the urban heat island effect in city areas.

How do roof coatings hold up to wind and hail?

Our coatings are nearly impossible to lift off of a roof’s surface as it is chemically adhered to the surface. Small hail will not damage the coating because of it’s 150% elasticity. Large hail may damage it but is easily repaired with another coat over the damaged area. Therefore, our coatings are loved by insurance companies and building owners.

What is the cost of a 50 year roof coating compared to a total re-roof?

The cost savings of a roof coatings vs a new roof is usually around 50-60%.  A commercial roof coating can be written off as a maintenance expense in the year performed.

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